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  Hunting Creek Fisheries breeds and raises many varieties of aquatic creatures and plants to stock and beautify any pond or aquarium. HCF's floating fish food is the same formula we use on the farm. Our color enhancing diet contains no corn for easier digestion, and has among the highest protein content in the industry (41% protein).  
  Hunting Creek Fisheries currently offers a limited number of items for purchase online. The majority of our products are available through our local HCF dealers. Ask your local garden center about Hunting Creek Fisheries Koi, Goldfish, Orfe, Aquatic Plants and our Premium Ornamental Fish Food.  
  Dealers, for a weekly (in-season) detailed list of current available stock, please sign up for our mailing list or email us directly.  
fish & creatures
straight-tailed gold fish
fan-tailed gold fish
koi, golden orfe, catfish
tadpoles, snails, crayfish and other creatures
color enhancing, floating fish food
floating aquatic plants
potted plants
koi prints
Kohaku koi print
little fish
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